GeorgeNotFound Minecraft Skin

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This skin is of the incredibly popular Minecraft YouTuber known as GeorgeNotFound! GeorgeNotFound, real name George Davidson is a prominent member of the DreamSMP and boasts over 10 million subscribers on YouTube. In terms of appearance, his skin is pretty basic but is quite stylish with a swagged out default Steve skin rocking white clout goggles and a hypebeast tee-shirt.

How to use GeorgeNotFound Minecraft Skin?

The GeorgeNotFound skin for Minecraft can be downloaded via the link provided above. Once downloaded, applying the skin differs depending on what platform is being used:

For PC (Java Edition): First go to the Minecraft website and login to your Minecraft account. Once logged in, click the “Minecraft Java Edition” dropdown menu and press “change skin”. When the next page loads, click “select file” and upload the GeorgeNotFound skin file.

For Pocket Edition (PE): Open the game app and press the “dressing room” button on the main menu screen. After this, press “Edit Character” -> “owned skins” -> “choose new skin” and upload the GeorgeNotFound skin file.

Does the GeorgeNotFound Minecraft Skin have thick or skinny arms?

This version of the GeorgeNotFound skin has thick (4px) arms (classic model).

What color is this GeorgeNotFound skin for Minecraft?

GeorgeNotFound skin has the following color palette:
Red Damask
Mulled Wine
Ship Cove


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