Minecraft Skin Editor


Minecraft Skin Editor

Minecraft fans can use this skin editor tool to modify an existing Minecraft skin, or even make a new one completely from scrat. This tool is free to use and can be used to edit any Minecraft skin on our website. You can also make a brand new skin and upload it to our list of Minecraft skins with this tool.

How do I use the Minecraft Skin Editor?

You can use the brush tools to paint any color onto a Minecraft skin. There's also tools such as the spraycan which will blend color more naturally, allowing for a more realistic look. To edit a Minecraft skin file from your PC click the "Load from file" button to load it in!
Alternatively, have a browse through our website for a cool skin to edit. We have thousands of cool skins to choose from, all freely available to use.

How to make a new Minecraft skin?

To make a new Minecraft skin, simply press the trash icon on the bottom right hand corner of the skins editor. This will give you a brand new Minecraft skin to modify from scratch. You can now use the tools in the skins editor to make your new Minecraft skin exactly how you want.